Dublin Construction
Our strongest asset is our loyal employee team of professionals. The office management staff has an average tenure of 22 years and our field management staff has an average of 25 years. This able force has the experience of working together in a “Team” atmosphere where pride, performance, responsibility, and accountability are the essential building materials.
Listed below are some of the “Team” members that play a key role in our construction projects:

Ben Hall, CEO

Tom Hall, President

William D. Key, Sr. Vice President

Thomas Maddox, VP Equipment

Glynn Boatright, VP Concrete

James W. Williams, VP Chief Estimator

Tony Pope, VP Mechanical

Karl Senn, Roofing Sales

Byron Waters, Pre-engineered Steel

43 Years

16 Years

33 Years

39 Years

39 Years

23 Years

20 Years

30 Years

 6  Years

Scott Mullis, Mechanical Estimator

Brennan Bass, Architectural Estimator

Alan Blount, Safety / HR Manager

Frances Ward, Job Cost Accounting

Erica Scarborough, Job Cost Accounting

Deborah Brown, Accounting Manager

Michele Shepard,, Payroll Manager

Susan Hattaway, Accounts Payable

Tabatha Tanner, Accounts Receivable

21 Years

  9 Years

  3 Years 

32 Years

  4 Years

27 Years

17 Years

13 Years

  4 Years